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The 24-hour elite salon of erotic massage “Casanova” offers all kinds of massage from classical to a foam massage in Jacuzzi, spa and a great variety of different treatment for both men and women. Our girls will help you to receive unforgettable pleasure and a maximum of relaxation as they perfectly master all the massage techniques.


Salon “Casanova” invites you to feel all sides of pleasure. We offer various programs for men: from a half-hour “express” to a 180-minute relaxation in Jacuzzi. The cost is from 1 800 rubles. SPA programs differ not only in duration but also in the number of treatments they include. In the “complex” ones there are two relaxations.

Body Paradise

The delightful body of a charming masseuse will give you a magical feeling of bliss and complete relaxation. “The icing on the cake” of this program is a light, like a touch of soft fluff, body massage. A perfect girl will make it only with her breast, tummy and perky butt.

4 000 ₽ | 45 min

Vortex of Feelings

Thin strings of your soul and body will get a new lease of life in the gentle hands of our girls. Their sensual touches will reveal your innermost thoughts and desires. A light prank in combination with warm water jets will pep your spirits forthe whole day or become its playful ending.

2 500 ₽ | 30 min

Foam Extravagance

This impeccable massage will immerse you in the weightless bliss of passion and pleasure. For a skilled master of body massage there is no better reward than giving you a double portion of relaxation and a true aesthetic pleasure. And your return petting will only spur the young beauty on.

6 500 ₽ | 90 min
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