Salon “Casanova” invites you to feel all sides of pleasure. We offer 6 basic programs for men: from a half-hour “express” to a 90-minute relaxation in Jacuzzi. The cost is from 1 500 rubles. SPA programs differ not only in duration but also in the number of treatments they include. In the “complex” ones there are two relaxations.


2 500₽ - 30 min

Thin strings of your soul and body will get a new lease of life in the gentle hands of our girls. Their sensual touches will reveal your innermost thoughts and desires. A light prank in combination with warm water jets will pep your spirits forthe whole day or become its playful ending.


4 000₽ - 45 min

The delightful body of a charming masseuse will give you a magical feeling of bliss and complete relaxation. “The icing on the cake” of this program is a light, like a touch of soft fluff, body massage. A perfect girl will make it only with her breast, tummy and perky butt.


6 500₽ - 90 min

This impeccable massage will immerse you in the weightless bliss of passion and pleasure. For a skilled master of body massage there is no better reward than giving you a double portion of relaxation and a true aesthetic pleasure. And your return petting will only spur the young beauty on.


5 500₽ - 40 min | 6 500₽ - 90 min

If you choose this program, you will experience a powerful lust. Charming female legs will make you crazy. You can kiss, pet and stroke them. Soft and gentle feet will playfully touch you in the most unexpected parts of your body. Massage not only relaxes, but also leads to an unusual and unforgettable experience.


6 350₽ - 50 min | 7 550₽ - 90 min

The combination of various massage techniques and the ability to fulfill your dreams is the way to countless pleasure. Together with the obedient beauty you can try the most extraordinary poses and penetrations from the Kama Sutra. And the program will end with a Philippine massage.


7 000₽ - 60 min

Remember your secret fantasies without prohibitions and restrictions. Do you want to find yourself in the embrace of a hot empress or to dragoon a naughty schoolgirl? Feel yourself captured by ecstasy. Amazing beauty will make the company in your mental adventure. Here you are - the director and scriptwriter!


5 800₽ - 80 min

The journey of the gentle palm of a hot lady on your back, shoulders and groin is an endless pleasure. And what about smooth unhurried touches of a naked maiden's breast? Hot tits will pass through your body, enveloping the heat of desire and causing voluptuous languor. This will bring you to a deep relaxation.


6 400₽ - 90 min

The goal of this program is to maximize the enjoyment of the most sensitive zone: every man’s intimate zones. Slow movements are replaced by fast and teasing ones. The palms of the girl will pet every centimeter of your cock. This will be a piquant and unusual experiment.


6 500₽ - 90 min

With the help of a fragrant oil, a tender charmer will intensify your sensuality to the limit. But a tempting massage and a foamy Jacuzzi are just a prelude. You will experience the most complete satisfaction when you feel the taste of a smooth and delicate girlish body covered with confectionery cream.


6 500₽ - 60 min | 7 500₽ - 90 min

Incredible excitement will come from a secret peeping of frank and inviting petting of an irresistible fairy of love, which she gives herself with her hands and erotic toys. And then comes the desire to join her and share the piquancy of the situation.


7 000₽ - 60 min | 8 200₽ - 90 min | 10 000₽ - 120 min

Our girls have mastered the art of pleasure that opens the way to a world of new emotions. Passing through the erogenous zones of the body with hot and cold breathing, feathers, ice cubes, soft ribbons and her magnificent body, your lady will demonstrate the full contrast of feelings. This program is for true connoisseurs of sensual eroticism.


7 500₽ - 60 min | 8 700₽ - 90 min | 10 000₽ - 20 min

During the traditional shower, the hot girl will amaze you with the techniques of body massage and the lingam petting. However, your satisfaction will be due to an unusual erotic accent: the touches of large ripe strawberries imitating a sweet bliss. Warm berries will pass through your intimate zones awakening passionate desires inside.


6 700₽ - 60 min | 7 700₽ - 90 min

This program offers you a wide range of feelings: gentle massage and stimulating breathing in combination with a massage of the prostate. Touching the elegant body of the girl will help you to feel its beauty. Using unusual techniques and erotic toys at your request, the girl is tempting you. There are almost no restrictions as the most important thing is your satisfaction and pleasure.


7 350₽ - 60 min

Our masseuses are perfectly trained charmers who know how to create an atmosphere of subtle pleasure. Classical erotic massage in a warm shower or Jacuzzi will relieve fatigue and give a feeling of complete freedom.


7 500₽ - 90 min | 8 300₽ - 120 min

Need rest in full? Then the “Upscale" is the right choice. It leads to an unusual pattern of caresses and waves of pleasure that are replacing each other. Imitation of oral touches, lingam massage and role-playing games – the time in the company of a hot pussy will go too quickly.


9 000₽ - 90 min

This program has collected the best from different types of massage: Thai, Tantric, erotic and others. Muscles and consciousness are completely relaxed, and in the most erogenous zones you will feel the light touch of a hot orange. In the hands of a true master you will get an unforgettable finale.


8 500₽ - 90 min | 11 000₽ - 120 min

A long-awaited date with a fatal beauty will give the rein to your unrealized desires. Throughout this role-playing game you will have to be obedient and attentive to the words of the domineering mistress. Otherwise, you are waiting for a sweet languor of punishment and a hard erotic massage.


10 000₽ - 90 min | 15 000₽ - 120 min

In a spacious Jacuzzi filled with fragrant water and a huge foam cap, you will have the company of a naked hot and tender kitty. She will wash your body and cover it with caresses. After this comes the time of sensual massage. “Bliss waters” is up to two hours of bliss and an unlimited number of finales.


14 000₽ - 90 min

Attention of two beauties will be concentrated only on you. Adorable sluts will bring each other to the top of sexual pleasure, thus giving you aesthetic pleasure and excitement. And then continuing to pet each other they will ask you to join them.


10 250₽ - 90 min

Better than a passionate and gentle beauty-masseuse can only be two sensual girls. Relaxing shower, and then a four-handed massage - this is a double delight, a strong excitement and a powerful explosion of sexual energy. After all, our pussies will slide over you, touching the most desired parts of the body.


20 000₽ - 120 min

Why do you need to choose when you can get everything right away? Three delightful girls strip each other in front of your eyes and passionately pet one another. As the emotions run high, you become involved in this love game and get a guaranteed pleasure.


12 450₽ - 120 min

This program will help to release your desires and become an erotic gourmet. A pleasure in this sensual world will flow smoothly into another one by your word. Japanese massage technique will be replaced by Filipino, and then ... You choose!


13 600₽ - 70 min

For the duration of the program you become the master for the two chosen babies. With your permission, the most daring fantasies will be turned into reality, revealing all the secrets of your male power. And as a warm-up - a hot Jacuzzi and their playful fingers or an exciting erotic show.


16 950₽ - 120 min | 20 950₽ - 180 min

From a sensual foreplay, two gorgeous temptresses will slowly move on to the main dish: combinations of the best relaxing massage techniques. And that is for the only reason - to give you real fireworks of violent emotions. Pleasant surprises are offered as a bonus of the program.


13 000₽ - 90 min

The way to the boundless world of pleasure is revealed gradually. And this mission will be taken over by our skilled ladies. The gentle and affectionate hands of one girl will warm you up and prepare for the coming pleasure. Then the second baby comes into play. Obedient and diligent, they will realize all your desires and bring you to multiple ecstasy.


9 000₽ - 90 min | 12 000₽ - 120 min | 15 000₽ - 180 min

From one and a half to two and a half hours of the most unforgettable pleasure. The boldest and most extraordinary one that you have ever seen and wanted to try. New poses, techniques and practices performed by the sensual beauty will forever change your idea of eroticism and pleasure. The privilege program also includes two exclusives of your choice.


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